Our Purpose

Plastics are everywhere in our lives. They play a very positive role in the economy. Applications are diverse: in food packaging and products such as computers and mobile phones.
However, post consumption plastics often have a negative effect on the environment. In Europe annually more than 50 million tons plastic is produced and consumed of which 25 million tons end as waste. Of this, 11 million tons are landfilled and 9 million tons are incinerated. Meaning that very little plastic is reused.

This shows that the vast majority, about 80% of the plastics is not usefully reused, which implies a huge capital destruction. Although The Netherlands score better in this respect than other EU countries, there remains a lot of plastic waste incineration.
Therefore, it is of major importance to close this ‘leak’ of high-quality plastic materials in order to achieve a truly circular economy and to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Next to the need for circularity of other raw materials, plastics are therefore a top priority.
OBBOTEC’s goal is to make a significant contribution in this respect.